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    I I want to apply toI the Air Force and Naval academies. I'm a senior in high school. I'm going to list everything I have accomplished. Freshman year: A/B honor roll throught year, spanish club, civil air patrol, key club, track. Sophomore year: AFJROTC, track, civil air patrol, AFJROTC flight seargent, AFJROTC element leader, National Honor society, key club, AB honor roll all year long, link crew tutor. Junior year: AFJROTC safety officer, key club, grades(I will explain later), AFJROTC sabre team. Senior year, I am not in any clubs because I am focusing on my grades. I've had 7 honors classes during my freshman and Sophomore year. 1 AP class in my sophomore year in my sophomore year, I passed with an A. After that, I started dealing with things so I became stressed out and depressed. My grades dropped and I dropped out of 3 other AP classes because I had to make school easier. So during, my junior year, I maintained a 2.1 gpa and lower. This year, I am still in a situation and my grades are not high. I think my cumulative gpa is low and I I failed algebra 2 twice and chemistry once. Now I take classes that will gear me towards going to a community college. So, if I study hard and get a really high SAT score, do I have a chance of getting in directly to the academies, or will they send me to their prep schools after I graduate community college? I'm also planning to play basketball at the community college. Also, around what score I would have to get on the SAT to make me have a chance? Is there anything else I can do to look competitive despite my notoriously low GPA? Thanks. I'm wondering around what score range on the SAT and ACT would make up for an extremely low GPA.
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    If you can still edit your post, I would advise making it more readable. No one wants to sift through a wall of text.

    Second, no one here can give you hard numbers. You've pointed out your GPA is low. The Academy looks at a "whole candidate profile" so it's not necessarily all about grades.

    You never know whats going to happen unless you apply. They might want you to go to one of the many Prep Schools which help you reapply the following year.

    If you have already gone a community college then it is unlikely that they'd send you to a Prep School, but not out of the question.

    Bottom Line: You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
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    I mean this with kindness, but getting in is only one part, staying in is what you need to be concerned with.

    Have you looked at the curriculum that is mandated for even a liberal arts major? USAFA is not commonly referred to as the Little Engineering School in the Rockies for nothing.

    If you go the CC route you need to make it heavy on the STEM courses. I say that because if you get into USAFA it is best to get accustom to those type of courses now than two years later at the AFA.

    Not trying to get too personal, but if you took medications at any time for your stress/depression it may become a DoDMRRB issue.

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