What are my chances?


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Mar 12, 2018
Hey guys,

I’m currently looking to apply to colleges and I was wondering what my chances are to get into West Point.


16 yr old Female


Unweighted GPA 3.9

Weighted GPA 4.333

A couple of part time jobs

Possible Internship in the summer

Plan to attend a national security workshop in the summer



President of the Junior Fire Department

My parents are both Firefighter/Paramedics so I have done vast amounts of community services.

I have received a couple of awards in the fire service

2 yrs of High school soccer, 1 yr indoor track, 1 yr outdoor track, and year round club soccer with a travel team for 9 years.

1240 PSAT

Multiple academic awards

Cofounder of a Destination Imagination team that attended a global competition 3 times and placed 17th in the world.

Been apart of Orchestra for 7 years

Nominated for TinyHouse Construction Foreman position 2 yrs.

Member of a few school clubs

I have a couple of solid recommendation options.

I am proudly looking forward to serving my country and making the world a better place, so I hope that West Point could possibly help me on my journey.

I would very much appreciate your advice and feedback.

Thank You!


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Jan 13, 2018
Nice. Your stats look great (at least to me :D)!

Good job on the PSAT. When you take the real SAT, aim for a 1440 or higher super scored to be really competitive. A superscored 1440 SAT would put you in the top 25% (1440 is 75th percentile) of applicants at least in terms of test scores.

Source: Princeton Review


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Jan 29, 2017
Contact your American Legion Auxiliary and attend Girls State, it will add to your application and it will be a great experience, my DD really enjoyed it.


Jan 31, 2018
A few pieces of advice my DD and I found useful

Start practicing the CFA now. Get someone to do the test with you to establish your baseline so you can figure out how much growth you need. The CFA is not the biggest part of your score, but it is one you can easily control your growth on.

Go to your congress members websites and find out what you need to do to compete for a nomination. The sooner the better. There is a lot to do so getting started on this now can keep it from being too much at one time. For my DD, each member had a slightly different process so be sure to follow the directions to the letter. If you live in a competitive district that gets lots of requests for nominations, throwing out the ones who don't follow the directions is an easy way to lower the number of applications to consider.

Do you know anyone who knows your congress members? Someone who works on a pet project they like? Do you know anyone in state government or your local government? They make excellent recommendation sources.

If you can afford it, plan to take the SAT (or ACT) multiple times. Since the academies super score, you can really focus your prep on the one or two sections you need to improve before each one.

If you are confused about anything, keep checking in here. Lots of friendly and knowledgeable folks around here to help.