What are the special events at the USCGA - dances, etc?


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Sep 24, 2008
What special events should a hometown honey be planning to travel to attend?

Dances...and there are plenty of them.

Don't know if it's still this way, but you were required to attend a certain number of dances.
4/c's must go to 3 of 4 formals; 3c 2 and so forth...one time my dd went up to New London and it snowed like crazy that night so I had to go up and get her and a bunch of cadets and high school chix etc. back to our house in Naugatuck.:eek:
Naugatuck, eh? The Windjammers were up there a few weekends ago. nice high school, friendly people.
Wow how did I miss that one? Oh right it was the band competition? Yes they have a nice field and h.s. However my kids went/go to Holy Cross one town over...ha ha :biggrin: