What are you doing now?


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Dec 24, 2015
Just out of curiosity, what is everyone doing in preparation for/ as a distraction from waiting for the decisions to come out? @ any vets: suggestions, stories, or advice?

I'm not one to wait around so while I finish up my regular decision applications for other schools I am training for a half-marathon.

Thank you!
DD is continuing life as normal filled with athletic practices, work, drill, academics and volunteering. DD has very strong backup plans, including the NROTC scholarship to USD as well as other non military scholarship options, so there is very little pressure or anxiety on her part. DD had all her applications completed before the start of senior year, so that also helped alleviate a lot of pressure.

I, on the other hand, am a wreck. It's a good thing the USNA doesn't give the parents access to the candidate's portal or I would be obsessively checking it!

My advice to everyone is to start the application process early and keep working on back up plans up until it's time to make a decision. Hockey girl, good luck running the marathon and stay healthy and injury free!
I would assume most applicants are seniors in high school at this point? My son is getting ready for baseball season. He has all his applications and nomination forms complete as of a few months ago.
Yeah, the waiting is the most stressful part at least from a prenatal perspective. My DS applied to the USNA, USAFA, and USCGA. He got three nominations but all to the USAFA. So I guess he no longer has any eggs in this basket.
DS is a NROTC scholarship re-applicant who was wait-listed by USNA last year. Learned that most everything comes down to the bitter end in March-April. Hang in there!