What causes an LOA?

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    I sent my official transcript to USMA last week(had trouble getting it from my school, long story). I was just curious to what criteria is used to allow USMA to decide to send out an LOA? I have noticed that many people are beginning to post on the forum that they are receiving them so I am curious as to why.
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    Do your best to not think about LOAs. The SAs use those as tools to let certain candidates - for a wide range of reasons - know they have a seat if all other requirements are met. The SA may feel the need to let certain candidates know early in the process.

    "Many" posting about it - that's relative to over 1200 appointments offered. Some with LOAs may not meet other requirements or choose to go elsewhere.

    It's early days yet. The majority of appointees don't have LOAs. Do your best to say "ok, good for them, I just need to focus on my process."

    And the long transcript story - my DH went to a private Quaker school which refused to send transcripts for his USNA application for religious reasons. His parents had to get a court order.
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    The Great Question. Letter of Assurance (LOA) are given to applicants that WP wants. Many have extreme academic marks, athletes that a program must have or the combinations of a few factors. Since there are no scholarships given, because you pay back the Army with 5 years active service, (there are scholarships available for graduate schools) the academy needs a method to attract young people to apply or finish their application who other wise would never consider WP. Thus a LOA is given to communicate a "seat with your name on it" is there. However, an LOA is conditional, you must finish your application, receive a NOM and stay out of trouble before R-Day.

    Continue with your goals and work on your Plan B.

    Push Hard, Press Forward
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    I didn't really think I was going to get one because I thought they were only for recruited athletes and minorities.