What Days of the Week Does USNA send out Admission Decisions?

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If I might briefly follow up (apologies if I am "hijacking" this thread), assuming DODMERB DQ's him, how, if at all, would would we know if USNA is--or isn't-- seeking a waiver for him? Is there an indication on the portal? Would he ever know if he is ultimately medically DQ'd (assuming no waiver), or just receive a rejection letter? In other words, could they grant a "waiver", but then ultimately reject him? Also, if he is DQ'd by DODMERB, does the entire file (including the current examination we submitted to be "proactive") get transferred to USNA medical? Thanks
You may or may not know if USNA is pursuing a waiver. if you are DQ'd, your record will say so, then it will update to "pending waiver submission" - this means that DODMERB has send all your info to USNA but it doesn't mean that USNA is doing anything with it.
Next, you might see a request for additional info (AMI) or a remedial (ie. new test or dr visit). that might indicate that USNA is pursuing a waiver but needs more info.
However, in most cases, the first indication you'll get is a DODMERB update showing approved waiver (that was the case for DS). Many on this site say that receiving a waiver is a very strong sign that you are in line for an appt. (not just 'competitive') because they have limited resources to process waivers.

Last year, DS was CPR in early September, DODMERB DQ in September, and heard nothing till TWE in April. He never heard anything about the waiver, we assume that USNA never looked at it.
This year, he received a waiver, out of the blue, in early Dec, but didn't finish application till January (college transcripts and BGO were late). Was finally CPR on Jan 21, and got a call with news of appointment on Jan 26.
So, in our experience, the wait time can range from 7 months to 5 days
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Congratulations to your DS.

Looks like we may need to be prepared to wait it out.
In short, USNA does not need the candidate to clear medical to decide it wants to offer an appointment. However, the candidate must be medically qualified in order actually to offer an appointment. The true deadline is I-Day (in practical terms, at least a few days before).

If they really want him and his medical is still up in the air, they can give him an LOA, contingent upon his clearing medical. This usually occurs with a medical condition that USNA believes can be resolved prior to I-Day and/or that they're willing to waive. I've seen it happen with two candidates who needed a certain amount of time following surgery. They received an LOA pending medical clearance. One cleared and was appointed. The other didn't and received a TWE.

Alternatively, they could hold up the slate for a bit to see what happens. There are still a lot of folks who haven't cleared medical. In my experience, I've not seen delay of a medical issue derail an appointment, UNLESS the issue is one that cannot/will not be resolved prior to I-Day or is something that they know they will not waive.
Have you, by any chance, heard of a very early childhood malignancy being waived? 18 years out and perfectly healthy in the very way.
My DS has two noms, and has been told by his BGO that he has been rated scholastically and CFA "qualified" (at least that is my understanding), but we have nothing yet from DODMERB following our response to their info requests (we tried to be proactive and include a current medical examination that showed DS to be fine, along with the records DODMERB had requested). So DS is not medically qualified, nor has he been DQ'd. I expect this is not the first time this issue has arisen (to say the least), but how, if at all, does this hurt DS's chances? In other words, if his app is deemed "competitive" (which I assume means essentially assured of appointment if 3Q'd? something less?), and he is DQ'd, but not for say another month or six weeks--I have no idea what DODMERB's backlog or timeframe is--does that delay make the Admissions Board less likely to look into a waiver? Does that kind of wait hurt his chances at being No 1 on the slate(s)? Does it cause him to lose out on the Nat'l Pool positions? A lot of questions, I know, but thanks for any insight.
If the academy wants him, they will clear him as long as it is a minor health problem. However I have seen an academy deny someone based on minor health problems as well, and I have heard that this happens when the academy wasn’t going to consider them further regardless. DODMERB also has a variety of timeframes in which they get back to someone with waiver information. For better or for worse, I have heard of people requesting a waiver and hearing back the next day, and I have heard of hearing back two months after requesting. Neither timeframe is detrimental- if it is later, the package will just go up at the board later. If it’s earlier, then it’s earlier. Don’t stress too much and best of luck!
Based on the pace of notifications in earlier years, can we estimate that we are nearing the 50% mark?
I don't think so. If you look at the self reporting thread - there are only slightly over 60 names on it for a class of roughly 1200.
I don't think so. If you look at the self reporting thread - there are only slightly over 60 names on it for a class of roughly 1200.

Keep in mind that not all appointees are members of this forum. It's probably a small minority. Nevertheless I don't think we're anywhere near the 50% mark for the class.