What do my chances at the U.S. Naval Academy look like so far?

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    I am currently a sophomore at a top college preparatory school in my area. In my freshman year, I took two honors classes, Chemistry Honors, which is usually taken by strong juniors, and Geometry Honors, which is usually taken by strong freshman or sophomores. However, I didn't do so well in these two classes (around a C average for both Chemistry Honors and Geometry Honors). The English and History courses were the same for every freshman, but I believe I would have been in honors classes, if they were offered (around a B in English and around an A for History). I took the maximum number of courses available to a freshman, including two electives, Multimedia Design and Band. I had two unsuccessful campaigns for school vice president and school treasurer, but I was elected class representative for the ninth grade class. Over the course of my freshman year, I had over 50 community service hours, which earned me Community Service Honors. I was also a member of my church's youth group. I was cast in my school's spring drama production, and wrote and performed a play for a school drama festival. I did not participate in my school's athletic program in my freshman year, as I was focusing on my academics during the transition from a small Catholic middle school to a rigorous college preparatory school.

    During the summer between my freshman and sophomore years was when I was inspired to attend the Academy. I don't remember what triggered this sudden desire to serving in the Navy or the Marine Corps, but I felt that it was something I needed to do. Due to this increasing interest, I looked into the Naval Academy. After doing some research, I realized that this is somewhere I want to attend, to better myself and my country.

    In my sophomore year, I took three honors classes, Biology Honors, Spanish II Honors, and Algebra II Honors, and an Advanced Placement course, AP World History. I am taking the maximum number of courses available to a sophomore, including Intro to Computer Science and Band. I was elected a class representative for the tenth grade class, but later resigned that position, as I was elected school secretary, the highest school government official a sophomore could be elected. I also participated in the Model Congress, Model UN, and Euro Challenge teams at my school. Over the course of my sophomore year, I had over 50 community service hours, which earned me Community Service Honors. During the summer before my sophomore year, I volunteered at the hospital where my mother works five days out of most weeks during summer. I was also a member of my church's youth group. I was cast in my school's fall drama production, and wrote and performed a play for a school drama festival. I was a member of my school's Junior Varsity Basketball team and Junior Varsity Lacrosse team. For next year, I am considering joining the Cross Country team at my school. I am also considering the Naval Sea Cadet Corps for next year.

    Looking at this, what would you say my chances at receiving a Congressional nomination and an offer of admission into the U.S. Naval Academy?
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    Being another candidate myself, I will just get to the point of what we are all advised.

    1. Don't use your real name as part of your username. If you do receive an appointment, your CADRE may be able to track down your online activities. There is a hilarious thread/post in the USMMA thread that explains this.

    2. Prepare for the ACT or SAT. Take both test or find the test that is better suited for you. There are plenty of ACT to SAT score conversion tables online. I do better on the ACT than the SAT. USNA focus on the math and English and math sections.

    3. Prepare for the Candidate Fitness Assessment (read that sticky thread)

    4. It is about quality not quantity of activities. Your leadership positions should be ones where you can easily explain what you did(MY BGO already implied that he will ask what I do in the positions I hold).
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    What the NA is looking for can be described thusly: take the toughest curriculum your school offers - especially in math and science - and excel. If, as you say, yours is a top college prep school, it should offer calculus, chemistry, physics, multiple AP courses, etc. Your competition will have taken these; you need to also. Your competition has scored well on the SAT/ACT. Your competition has been a varsity athlete and probably a team captain.

    Is it tough to get in? Yes, but 1200 kids do every year. You can too.
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    Very important point - take the toughest classes your school offers. Your grades and school rank are still one of the most important admissions criteria USNA (and other top Colleges) looks at. There seems to be a trend of de-emphasis on test scores at many colleges - some like Wake Forest do not require SAT or ACT test scores for admissions having determined that a students grades, class rank and the number of Honors and AP courses they have taken are a better indicator of future success in college. However USNA does require test scores so you want to shoot for above average - meaning 650 Math and 630 Verbal (which translates to around a 29 ACT) for the class of 2014.
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    Do Sea Cadets, I am a Sea Cadet, and it is one of the best programs I have ever taken part in. If you want to know about the military, Sea Cadets is one of the best ways to get involved, you can take trainings at military bases, and see what life is really like. Boot Camp is both mentally and physically demanding (or was) and is great experience for the academies. The leadership aspect however, is the most rewarding, with opportunities to become a Company Commander at a RTC (recruit Training Camp), and a petty officer. Really a great program, even if you are not interested in the military.

    Cheers mate,
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    I am not able to post a thread but am very curious as to how I look as a candidate. The Naval Academy is my #1 choice so can others that read this (whether you are a candidate, graduate, or an individual that knows much about the academy) please comment.

    School and SAT/ACT scores:
    I am in the IB program which is extremely competitive (pretty much the highest you can get). Because of that, my unweighted gpa is low (at a 3.48) and my wheighted gpa is very high (at a 5.6). I am currently in the top 4% in the whole district. My SAT scores were kind of low (Math 670, Verbal 530, Writing 630). I took them 3x and those are my highest (my verbal/reading never went into the 400s though.. they were 510, 520, and 530). I was not satisfied with my scores so I took the ACT and performed much better (I scored a 27 composite, a 31 in math which is in the 75th percentile, and a 25 in reading which is slightly above the 25th percentile).

    Varsity Soccer- Captain
    Varsity Wrestling
    NJROTC: 1st Platoon Leader (Ive only been a member for two years)
    National Honors Society
    Key Club
    Handball Club-Secretary
    Athletic Association- Treasurer
    SGA:Student Government Association (member and homeroom representative)
    *Will have 125 community service hours by the time I graduate*

    Naval Academy info:
    I am hispanic in which I believe helps me!
    I was invited to be a "drag" at the Naval Academy (they sent me a letter to visit the school)
    I obtained my nomination from my congressman (who seemed to be very impressed with my interview)
    I finished my application in November.. does anybody know when I should be informed? I know I should by May 1st but when do letters of appointment begin to arrive (excluding letters of assurance)

    Major worries:
    SAT/ACT reading
    I did not take Calculus; I am taking introduction to Calculus and Pre-Calc
    I am not in AP Chemistry or Physics; I am in AP Biology
    The reasons for the latter two are because I did not know about the academies until mid junior year (we had already picked our classes by that time)
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