What does DoDMERB check for with eye/physical exams?


Dec 27, 2016
Hello, I've received an email to schedule my vision and physical exams and I want to know if there is anything the doctors will be checking for that I can know beforehand so I can kind of mentally prepare myself for it?
Well, for males, the prostrate portion of the exam is extremely thorough! :rolleyes:
Jeez, it's just a normal physical. There is nothing to mentally prepare for. Deep breaths lest you fail the blood pressure portion of it.
You can physically prepare. They may do a urinalysis. (Some do it, some do not) it seems to be totally random. They check for protein. High protein can come from strenuous physical activities. Take it easy a few days before the exam and hydrate well. There are instructions with the package or online. Make sure you read them. But, don't stress over it. It is an easy remedial, they will just redo the urinalysis.
Normal physical with a urinalysis.
For the eyes, it's just a normal optometry exam, without dilation of the pupils.
I think the only weird part about either exam was a portion of the physical where the physician will make you read a short passage to check for stutters or something.