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    Hey guys! I have been stalking my DoDMerb status recently looking for changes in it to indicate that I am being considered for a waiver. I am still waiting on both USNA and NROTC. My "Current Medical Status" for both of them is and has been "Pending Waiver Submission/Review." Today I saw an update in the event log of the status page on their website. It reads as the following:

    16-MAR-15 Date letter sent - Disqualification

    All of my statuses for the different commissioning sources were already "Pending Waiver Submission/Review" before this update. Does anybody have any idea what this status update might mean. Could it mean that they sent a letter to a commissioning source stating my disqualifications because they are seeking a waiver? Or could it mean that no waivers have been given for me and they are sending a final disqualification notice to me?

    Thanks in advance for the help guys and gals!
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    What I have been told by DoDMERB is that the log entries depict DoDMERB activity. The entries in the section below the log depicts the commissioning source/waiver authority activity.

    I believe that this log entry means you will be getting a written letter in the postal mail from DoDMERB officially notifying you of your DQ condition.

    The "Pending" notice you see on the portal in the section below the log means USNA and NROTC have already been made aware of your DQ condition. It is up to them to now decide when (or if) to take action.

    It is my understanding that USNA has to decide whether your file is competitive enough to warrant a waiver review. There are others on the forum with much more knowledge and experience with USNA than I. I believe USNA will notify you if they have decided to pursue a waiver on your behalf.

    For NROTC, I believe they automatically pursue a waiver if you have been awarded a NROTC scholarship.

    DoDMERB makes clear on their site and in multiple posts on this forum that DoDMERB will NOT be the source of any waiver approval or waiver denial. They only decide "Qualified" or DQ.

    Our experience with this process where my DS received a "waiver denied" from USAFA, but received a "waiver granted" from Army ROTC, was that the "bad news" came in an encrypted email to his USAFA candidate portal and the DoDMERB site was updated later on. For the "good news" from Army ROTC, the DoDMERB portal updated first with the "waiver approved" news, and he then received the official signed "waiver granted" letter from the Army ROTC waiver authority in the postal mail a few days later.

    I would say call the help desk at DoDMERB to find out for sure what the entry means. My DS and I have found them to be very friendly and efficient.
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    Falcon A is correct. I have been through DoDMERB twice as this is my third time with applications. Both times have had the same status:
    you will receive a letter in the mail officially stating the purpose for disqualification. The past two years that was the last I heard from DoDMERB before receiving TWE. I started seeing "Date Exam Reviewed" input when USNA requested a waiver, and then "Date Letter Sent - Remedial" along with code: R259.01 "Applicant DQ - Waiver Authority requests additional information." Not long after, I received a letter informing me of USNA request for more information regarding my incident. Sent in my paperwork and once again saw "Date Exam Reviewed." That was yesterday, March 18. Checking about 20 times a day for an update :p

    Hope this helps. Best of luck

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