What has changed from INDOC?

Discussion in 'Merchant Marine Academy - USMMA' started by shutterbugC, Jul 25, 2010.

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    Just wondering how their lives have changed since INDOC? DS said his CO is now in charge of his life. Do they have just one CO? And that they don't have platoons anymore.
    What other aspects of their lives have changed besides new rooms and roommates?
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    The biggest change for our DS outside of the surprisingly grueling academics was when the upperclassmen returned to campus. The plebe candidates will have a team leader who is the first level of supervision, with four on a team. Our DS was teammates with his roommate and the two guys directly across the hall. Your team leader can make life easy for you or can make life miserable. Our DS has had both extremes. Some of the upperclassmen actually seem to remember what it is like to be a lowly plebe and give useful advice on both academics and regimental life. Others seem to delight in yelling at plebes and reporting them for the smallest infraction. Our DS's least favorite activity was cleaning stations where he had to clean up the vomit of upperclassmen who had too much to drink while on liberty. Each plebe candidate will have different experiences depending on Company, Team Leader, and roommate, and it will vary from trimester to trimester. Your DS/DD will learn to be flexible just like we as parents have to be flexible. All in all, the good, the bad, and the ugly really provide invaluable leadership experience.
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    Ditto what 2013 said, but, one thing regarding academics. Each company has an Midshipman Academic Officer. Make sure your student knows who their academic officer is in the company.....make sure he knows to contact the Academic Officer with any academic problems or questions. It is the job of the Academic Officer to help the plebes make it through the first trimester...then year.... :)

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