What is the application/admission process for NAPS?

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    The daughter of a close friend did not receive a nomination to USNA for 2019, despite a strong application/resume. Is NAPS an option for continuing to pursue USNA admission? If so, what is the process for applying? What credentials are they looking for?
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    NAPS cannot be applied for. Generally, NAPS offers are extended to applicants who need additional academic polishing, though USNA may have other reasons, reflected in the mission below.

    “NAPS mission is to enhance midshipman candidates' moral, mental, and physical foundations to prepare them for success at the U.S. Naval Academy.”

    I do not know for certain if a candidate has to have obtained a nom to be eligible for a prep offer. NAPSters do have to obtain a nom for the next admission cycle, though if they are unsuccessful at that and complete NAPS satisfactorily, a nom will be found for them.

    If the applicant does not receive a nom and is not offered an appointment this year, USNA.edu offers guidance for re-applicants. Many do not get in on their first or even second tries. If her goal is to be a Navy or Marine Corps officer, there are options via NROTC, OCS and USMC paths.

    Many re-applicants participate in NROTC, either on scholarship or as a college programmer. ROTC becomes another nom source for a strong performer.
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    A candidate does not need a nomination to go to NAPS or Foundation. However, many who end up in those programs did in fact have one or more noms.
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