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    What are the options that are given to an NROTC scholarship Midshipman who flunks out or is kicked out after he or she begins the second year. Can he or she enlist for active duty or can they do reserve duty in lieu of paying the money back.
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    Search on this forum: disenrollment.

    You will see there are multiple conversations about it. My own son is facing a hefty payback (not enlistment) of tuition for his four year scholarship.
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    The best way to view this is that they will collect the money and not ask you to enlist.

    I say this because for many they do accept the scholarship as a way to pay for their college, with the knowledge that they would serve AD anyway.

    If you accept the scholarship with the premise that they could ask for the money and not the time you will be better prepared for the What IF scenario.

    You are entering during a period where the DoD is cutting budgets and manpower, hence why currently it is more likely they will want you to pay up with money. Gojira's DS is not the only case I have heard of this occurring to in the past 2 yrs. In reality, they are becoming the norm, and being offered an enlistment opportunity is becoming the rarity. Yes, they can offer an enlistment, but they also can say here's the amount you us, pay up. Signing on that dotted line for the scholarship equates to you agreeing whatever they decide.

    Good luck.

    PS this is also happening in AFROTC. DS's friend decided to leave prior to his C300 yr., (jr in college). They came after him for 36K+.

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