What percent of accepted canidates receive an LOA?

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by One Great Kids Dad, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. One Great Kids Dad

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    Sep 7, 2010
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    Anyone know how many actual LOA's go out. And what percentage of cadets actually receive one?
  2. jake s

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    Sep 7, 2009
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    last year 500 LOA's went out, and around 1400 appointees showed up for R Day. I believe usually around 1600 appointments are sent out.
  3. freedomtruck

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    Mar 26, 2010
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    To my understanding, they're cutting down this year. 500 LOA's is quite a lot.
  4. hawk

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    Jan 31, 2010
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    Heard this same info recently in an admissions briefing Q&A & followup conversation. They indicated last year the number was large, and the corps is "overly strong". (Too many cadets??). I'm guessing higher acceptance rates, lower attrition, etc.

    They indicated there will be a significant reduction in LOA's offered this year. And that to date there have been a very small number awarded to date. (I don't want to repeat the figure, but it was shockingly small)

    They did not indicate a target number, but it very much sounds like it will be more like Navy & Air Force LOA figures this year based on where they are at now.

    These figures can be misleading.... in no way should it be assumed that 1/3 of the appointees received LOA's. Just that 500 LOA's went out, and a subset of that actually finished their file, cleared medical, chose to attend USMA, and actually reported.

    We are no experts, just candidate & parent going through the process. But the nature of LOA's is that recipients of one, often receive more than one. And usually primo civvy college offers. Just receiving an LOA from USMA or similar up's the ante with the civvy colleges. And that's what LOA's are apparently intended to do- mitigate flight risk for desirable candidates.

    So the figure that would really help is how many LOA recipients actually showed up R-day and stuck it out.

    There are other interesting stats that surface in the briefings:

    - Last year over 250 candidates were appointed even though not selected for SLS

    - DS also heard a figure at SLS on how many from SLS who did receive appointments. If you look at all SLS attendees, it's not a large number.

    But like LOA's, there are other factors. Mainly the fact that only a percentage of SLS attendees actually apply. Even less pass the CFA. And then the medical, etc.

    But of the SLS attendees who do apply, they said "we'll see about 75% of you here next summer".

    Does that mean that SLS is a lock in? No, just that pre-candidates selected for SLS who choose to apply often have the characteristics USMA is looking for.

    What's all this mean??? DS's conclusion as a candidate:

    - If you do receive an LOA, run with it, finish your file, etc!

    - Same for SLS, you get an early start, take advantage of it!

    And as the experienced hands here on the forum say: if you don't get an LOA (or into SLS), don't sweat it. Most don't, and you are in good company. Focus on completing your file, get your medical clear. Noms in, etc.
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    Most don't.

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