What time are AFROTC scholarship notifications released?


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Apr 7, 2015
Hey guys, are the AF scholarship notifications usually released on the day indicated? I think on our son's it says something like on or about 15 Nov. Also, is there a time they usually release them? Just wondering if it's worth staying up tonight. Thanks in advance.
Oh, man, I wouldn't stay up tonight checking. "On or about" could mean tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after that.

Think of it this way: staying up won't make the decision come any sooner, nor will it make the decision something you're happy about.

DS and I will check tomorrow morning. Then a few dozen times after that, I'm sure, lol.

Good luck to all!
I was hoping it was like ACT scores, they give you a window but they typically post at midnight the first day. We played that game last night.
How’d you guys do? Ours finally got the 36 super score, thrilled at that. 36 Math 36 Science 35 English 35 Reading
Haha - same here. This sitting was 35 composite, but we now have a 36 superscore, too. Congrats!
my DS received a scholarship in Sep, notification arrived around 6 pm on Wednesday in the spam folder.... so don’t forget to check the spam folder
NROTC here, and waiting for AFROTC. DS said this morning that he thinks today will be the day!! Sure hope it is before the weekend at least. BTW, I ASSUME they don't notify on weekends??
My DS received 4 year AROTC last week. Did not apply for AF. Good luck to all of you. I know the waiting is hard!
Congrats! Does anyone know the process between the boards and release of notifications? Our recruiter said one of his recruits school called him directly with questions about her so I’m wondering if there’s back and forth between the schools and HQ.