What to Bring to Beast?


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Sep 22, 2008
I was wondering if anybody knew what we should bring to beast. Not necesarily the usual stuff, but maybe some of the random stuff that they don't tell you but is useful when you get there. Also anything special girls should bring?
For Girls Only:

Bring about 40 pairs of white underwear. You will be issued underwear but they are "grannie panties". If you prefer bikinis then bring them - white cotton. Bring alot. Not exaggerating here.
Bring white sports bras. You will be issued about 3. This will not be enough and they are pretty crappy. Don't get really expensive ones either - my daughter got the Champion ones at Target when they were on sale for about $12-$14. Do not spend $30-40 on Nike ones unless you are large busted and really need the support. Bring about 10-15.
The laundry during beast is notoriously slow - you may not get your wash back for weeks and it will be gray. If you bring expensive sports bras - they will all be gray by the end of the summer.
If your laundry doesn't come back you will be washing it in your sink at night. My daughter took a couple of trial size "All" detergents in her bag.

Put all your undies and sports bras in gallon sized zip lock bags. You will have to transfer stuff from your bag to the big duffle in about 10 seconds and having undies flying won't be fun.

More later.....
what to bring to beast

I thought you were not allowed to bring anything. I wondered about bringing in a pair of boots broken in but thought they would even take those. I would love to know exactly what I would be allowed to bring to use during beast.
How bout for us guys here who are wondering what to bring?
I thought you were not allowed to bring anything. I wondered about bringing in a pair of boots broken in but thought they would even take those. I would love to know exactly what I would be allowed to bring to use during beast.

USMA will send you a list of items to bring and isn't very long. Yes you can bring boots and low quarters. I was told it is more important to break in the low quarters than the boots. Most people are not used to standing and walking in the shoes for hours every day and their feet pay the price.

I will see if I can find the candidate instructions, I know the list is in there.
what to bring to beast

Oh yeah! I forgot about running shoes...or do you do all your running in your boots. Can you get a pair of rockys at a uniform store for your low quarters or do they tell you the brands you can get? Thanks for your help by the way. It's very kind of you.
West Point will send you a list.

Here is what my son took (he wore a T-Shirt and jeans and flew into Newark):

Thin nylon-type wallet
$130.00 ($30 for supper and breakfast before R-Day)
drivers license, credit card, Social Security card
direct deposit sign up form
copy of immunization records
flashlight with a red lens
multi-tool, fingernail clipper (he had to check his bag to get these two items there)
one change of underwear
one pair of black socks
razor (he says electric is preferable)
broken in running shoes
one pair of broken in boots (wore these on his trip)
one pair of broken in low quarters (wore these on R-Day)
5 x 7 plastic frame with picture
small black duffel bag to put everything in

If you plan to try out for lacrosse or baseball, or any other sport that requires personal equipment, bring that equipment (lacrosse stick or bat)

You will go to the Cadet Store during the first week to buy things your cadre may suggest; a fan, 550 cord, tape.

Pay attention to the items West Point suggests. If you bring things not on the list, most likely they will sit in your suitcase until A-Day. Many cadets bring a cellphone to R-Day and a camera. The camera might make it to Beast but the cell phone will wait for you until A-Day or the first day of Reorgy, depending on your company's rules.
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If you go to this link you will see the information given to the class of 2012. On the bottom of page 7 the list of items begins and it continues onto page 8.

My son took pretty much the same thing as Antionette's son. He also took his cell phone which was locked up in his bag until reorgy week.

You will not run in boots, only in your running shoes. USMA will send you information on how to get the low quarters. The need to be all leather so that you can shine them. I have heard these can be hard to find so if you can't get them, buy a pair of black leather, round toe dress shoes to wear and get your feet used to them. You will be issued the low quarters on R-day if you cannot get them beforehand.
Hi again -

A letter should show up online giving you authorization to buy boots and low quarters.
It will include the military installations that stock them.
My advice:
Call before you go.
If you visit West Point you can get your boots and shoes there.
Only buy one pair of boots and one pair of low quarters - if they don't fit properly when you get to West Point they will issue you new ones.

Break in your low quarters - wear them ALOT. It is important to break in your feet for wearing leather shoes for hours on end. Don't just wear them, walk in them. Even if you look like a geek.
Break in your boots. Do NOT run in your books. Walk, hike in them. Make sure they fit well and are not too big. Blisters are bad, very bad.

You will wear black socks and your low quarters. Your boots and running shoes will be in your duffle bag. Make copies of all your health forms, your immunization records, direct deposit forms - anything you send to the academy. Put it in a folder and hand carry the folder. This can prevent you from getting re-immunized.

Start getting caught up on all your shots now. Some are series that you want to finish if possible. You might have to go to a travel immunization clinic for some shots so plan ahead.

Medications - if you are taking ANY prescriptions meds, bring them. If you get strep throat the week before and are on an antibiotic, bring it!

IMO - don't bother buying the pumps before hand - they will issue them later in beast.
If you haven't already - start the Gardasil now. This is a series of three shots.
If you are on birth control, bring it. If not and you want to control your periods or have lighter periods during beast see your Gyn now.
Consider: there is a 90 day pack that keeps you from having a period for three months. This can keep you period away during beast. Some females also are comfortable using the Nuvaring - so you don't have to take a pill every day.
If you want to consider going on or changing your birth control - do it now so your body has time to adjust.
Bring your favorite tampons. They will issue you some but, we all have our favorites :wink:. You can also buy them at the C-Store in the summer but they might run out of your favorite brand.
If you get your period in the field - cleanliness is important. Keep your underwear clean - bring enough and make sure you wash your hands.
You will get hot and sweaty and yeast infections are common. If you are prone - be careful and take prompt action.
What NOT to bring - don't bother with a hair dryer or hair straightener or curling iron. You mom can bring these on A-day. Bring comb, brush, lots of hair ties and clips if you don't cut your hair short.
My daughter chopped her hair off - donated 12" actually - in a pixie cut two weeks before and didn't regret it at all.
My son asked me to mail compression shorts; his cadre allowed them. My son's friend had his taken away on R day...you just never know!
Does anyone know what of the listed items on the pdf from 2012 they let you keep vs. having to leave in the locked up bag?

For instance, where it says you can bring personal hygiene products, does that mean you can bring your own shampoos and such?

Thank you!
You can bring your own shampoos etc, but.......

Unless you have a need for special shampoo or toothpaste etc don't bother.
First - You only have about 30 sec to empty your bag, what doesn't make it out gets stored. Last summer my daughters wallet didn't make it out and her debit card was stored for the summer. I ended up mailing some cash.
For this reason I highly recommend that you pack your stuff in zip loc bags - it makes the tranferring process quicker. Females who are packing underwear and sports bras or personal hygiene products - definitley pack in zip loc bags - gallon size work well. This keeps your undies from flying everywhere under the watchful eyes of the cadre -:wink:

Second - you will have an opportunity to shop at the C-Store and buy stuff that you need. This will help alot because what ever you bring you will be carrying around with you ALL DAY. Big bottles of shampoo, conditioner etc get heavy after a while - with everything else.
Great- thank you!

What do you recommend bringing--just things like sports bras and undies?
Oh- I had already, but thank you! :) I'm pretty aware of the basic things (low quarters...have the depo-provera shots already, etc.) I was actually referring to the kinds of things like you mentioned the small laundry detergent...anything else of that sort? (hair things? anything like that)
Hair - practice getting it put up if you aren't used to doing it. Many girls who have been in sports for years are good at it already.
Bring lots and lots of hair ties and clips if you need them. They must blend in with the color of your hair. Bring your own combs and brushes too. If you need hair gel or other products bring that as well. They have some of this at the C-Store but the selection isn't the greatest and you might not find your favorite brand. For instance, females with blond or dirty blond hair might not be able to find the right color hair ties or clips.
If you have any other questions- ask away.
Must have's for Beast

Several pairs of compression shorts or bike shorts without the crotch padding.

"Second Skin" or some synthetic skin patch for blisters.

duct tape, to be used for almost 100% coverage of feet to prevent blisters (we learned this from Army Ranger training prep site)

"Body Glide" or "Runners Lube" for thighs and underarms etc where ever possible chafing may occur.

Small LED light headlamp with a red plastic filter so it produces only red light. Make sure it is a headlamp which leaves your hands free.

"Gold Bond Medicated Powder"

First and second priority are your feet - third is chafing.

Be in shape. If you are not now already running 3 miles a day you are nuts. Also start progressive rucksack hikes no matter how strange you feel - do a 15 mile hike in both the weekends before R-Day. They are saying now that you should not purchase boots and black shoes prior. I would do all you can to figure out what brand the army is using and try and buy a share of each. Start wearing your black shoes now all the time. Same with the boots.

Try to find some of the "knowledge" online. It is said it changes every year but that doesnt seem to be the case. Try to get some of it down by heart as it will save you some grief.

Feet feet feet feet feet
Are the boots and low quarters for USMA the same for all three academies, or does everyone do something a little different?