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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by CrossCountryRunner12, Mar 15, 2012.

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    I was informed a month ago that a medical waiver would not be sought for my medical disqualification. When I was checking my DODMERB status tonight, I noticed that the Air Force Academy ended up submitting a medical waiver and it was denied.

    Did the Air Force Academy deny my waiver? Or was it the DODMERB? Also, can the Air Force Academy overturn a denied waiver?:confused:

    (My DQ was for my hearing loss in my left ear, since I don't know how I performed on my test, Im having my audiologist forward my hearing results to the DODMERB)

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    DoDMERB does not grant or deny waivers, it is up to each branch to do that. All DoDMERB does is say you are medically DQ'd. The branch starts the waiver process from there, and they make the decision.

    In your case the AF said NO they were not willing to waive your issue, thus the question of overturning is moot from this perspective.
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    As a general matter, each SA makes its own determination. Thus, for those applying to multiple SAs and/or ROTC, you COULD receive different determinations from different sources. For example, it's very difficult to obtain a waiver for color blindness from USNA b/c so many officer billets require the ability to differentiate between green and red. You may have an easier time with USMA or even USAFA for this particular condition.

    In other cases, you could receive the same determination from all. It depends on the condition, the service, and their desire to have you become an officer in that service despite your medical condition. And that's an individualized determination.

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