What will the Accession board look at, MBA GPA or UG GPA?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by John Garcia, Apr 24, 2015.

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    Apr 24, 2015
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    Hey everyone,

    I'm brand new here and was hoping that I might be able to get some insight into how the Accessions Board will view my college career, but first a little background info to help you guys better answer my question:

    UG GPA: 3.56
    Varsity Rowing Club for 3 years
    Leadership positions with on-campus organizations
    I am in Pershing Rifles
    + I volunteer for any activities that require my help within ROTC :)
    300 APFT score
    Was selected to attend Airborne School
    Have not done LDAC yet

    My top 3 branches I'm wanting to get into are:
    1. INF
    2. AV
    3. MI

    Now, finally to my main question, I recently joined ROTC (Junior, but participated in it, unofficially, my sophomore year) and will be in it through my final UG year as well as the entirety of my MBA years (2), will the board use my MBA GPA when ranking me or look at my UG GPA?

    Bonus Question:
    Following this (and I know this depends largely on the needs of the Army when I commission (Spring 2018), what are my chances (assuming a 4.0 MBA GPA), do you think, that I branch into INF?

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