What's at Jack's Valley, manual or electric, laundry?

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    I see it's tent city, probably various types of 'obstacle'/confidence courses but there's a lot I've never seen and read about like do they have some permanent campground type facilities there like warm showers? porta potties? MRE's meals straight for 18 days? Any links to some details?

    Oh yeah, what's the final word, electric or regular razor for BCT and/or later for the normal school year even of both do the job fine?

    What's the most painfree way to handle 'toiletries' and be easiest on things like room inspections? Just dump everything into a medicine bag 24/7 and always keep it there? Electric razors OK to have out in the open and charging during room inspections or is that too easy to get gigged on? Tips on stuff like that would be great.:smile:

    Is there a laundry service the cadets all use? How does that work during BCT and their freshman year?
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    I'll answer what I can from what I know from my son. Jack's has a regular dining facility with normal (like cafeteria) food for the time they're out there. My son said he only had an MRE once - the day they were at the airfield for the day. Warm showers? Maybe - but much of the time even on the hill they weren't "authorized" warm showers! :rolleyes: In any case, they'll be very short ones!

    He said electric razors were fine the entire time, but that may of course vary by squadron, etc. rules. I can't help you on toiletries. Laundry service is mandatory for 4th class year so they send everything out. Once they get sponsors after Beast, many people do some laundry there. There is a "self serve" laundry facility in the dorms, but my son said that they really get a hard time if they use it since there aren't enough machines for the upperclass anyway so he hasn't. He was nice enough to bring home his personal towel for me to wash over break here - the one my husband brought out to him in August and he's used every day since! :eek: And then stuffed in an overhead cubby each day while it's wet. Evidently they can't leave towels out drying anywhere. If they do use the issued ones, they can swap them one for one like weekly but of course my son can't do that!

    I'd recommend checking out usafawebguy.com and setting up a free account. You'll definitely want the pay one later if your son decides to attend, but for now you could see a representative sampling of pics from each day last summer to get an idea on the courses, dining hall out there, tents, etc.
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    there are permanent facilities for restrooms and showers, but they're crowded and you're rushed, so its not much to worry about. you dine in a tent, but its "normal" food other than a few meals when you get MREs. as for a razor, do whichever gives you a good shave. razors can't be out for inspection, but they are allowed to charge when they need it. at the same time, if your razor dies in jacks, you're in trouble, so you may want to bring a backup (disposable even) just in case.

    laundry is taken care of you during basic and freshman year. after freshman year you have to do it yourself. the laundromats work unless you try doing it the same time as the rest of the wing. it's supposed to be for upperclassmen since they aren't allowed to use the service the freshman can. many people choose to go do laundry at their sponsor family's house.

    as for toiletries, they give you a bag to use for jacks, and during the year (whenever you're in the dorms) there is a valet that you have to have your items displayed a certain way (they'll teach you).

    bottom line, other than learning what to bring, the rest of it you'll find out. the cadre refer to basic as "babysitting" because it really is. they have to tell you when to eat, sleep, use the restroom, and how to do everything else. there's nothing to worry about at this point as long as you're dedicated to going and preparing physically and mentally.