What's next for my AROTC scholarship winner?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by ABF, May 26, 2014.

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    So, after a quick letter from my kids MD, the DoDMERB site shows my kid as status "qualified". He has received nothing from either his school or the DoDMERB... not even the "remedial" letters the folks at DoDMERB say they have sent. (My kid had to e-mail them for any updates. He received no snail mail at all.)

    What's next? Is the next step passing the APFT on campus and contracting?
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    Congratulations, now that your DS has cleared DoDMERB you are good to go. Some schools reach out to kids during the summer some don't until closer to the first day of classes. Have your son run...run...run and watch the youtube video on proper PU and SU form. DS completed and printed his SF-86 form (security clearance) prior to arriving at school. Much easier and likely more accurate than trying to do it at school. Once contracted I would have him invest in a better quality boot than what is issued. A red lens headlamp and good quality watch is also recommended as well. Best of luck.:thumb:
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    One thing your son might consider as it gets closer to school starting. If his battalion has not sent him a 104R form before the start of school look online, you can find them through different websites. Tell your son to start looking at classes for his major, contact his advisor and start putting together the 104R. This form can take a bit of planning, don't worry about whether he will stick exactly to the plan, it's more of a living document that can be updated as he progresses through school. Cadet Command just wants to see a written plan that shows he can graduate in 4 years. If your son is in an engineering program have him talk to the carde about a 4.5 or longer plan if needed, this will need approval.

    Having this form completed, or close to it, will be a big help in being able to contract early in the semester depending on when the battalion gives him his first APFT.

    Your son should keep in contact with the battalion ROO or HR person over the summer to try and get as much of the paperwork sent so he can get a jump on it.

    And of course do what Sheriff3 said, run a lot and work out.

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