What's With All the LOAs?

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by futuremid2018, Oct 26, 2013.

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    I know the posters on these forums are not a realistic representation of all of the candidates applying and only represent a small minority. However, it seems like every other poster posts about having an LOA or DS/DD getting an LOA. If LOAs are so limited in nature apparently, how come so many people seem to get them? I know USMA did away with the LOA, but I'm curious as to why so many seem to go out from Annapolis.
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    Not sure anyone will truly figure out the who's and why's and how many's...

    This is from one of my earlier posts.

    From an answer by the admissions office to a post on the Naval Academy Admissions Facebook page...

    the number of LOAs depends completely upon the quality of the candidates. There is no set amount given each year. If you do not get an LOA, you should not be worried. The vast majority of our incoming class does not receive an LOA.
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    USNA runs its admissions differently than USMA.

    I remember reading somewhere that 40% of the USNA class would be filled out before January. The USNA application process started earlier, too. In June for competitive candidates. Unless you went to SLE, and there were only 500 that did, USMA did not open many portals until August. Motivated candidates finished files early and USNA has had a few more cycles to look at files.
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    USNA gives out a VERY small number of LOA's. People who participate on this forum are not a true random sample of all applicants. I would imagine that most who get an LOA like to publicize what they have.

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