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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by Chas3down, Jan 9, 2013.

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    So, I am looking to apply to USNA for fall of 2014, I am going to be a Freshman at college next year and plan to take AFROTC(Non-Scholarship). I would not be able to get into USNA this year because of my poor high school performance early on. I got a 25 on the ACT and going to finish my high school career with a 3.5. Now, next year at college, if I really buckle down and get a 4.0 (Or close to it 1st Semester, seeing how I will need to summit it after my first semester).. Will I really have any chance of getting in? My High school transcript looks like this

    Freshman - 2.9
    Sohpmore - 3.36
    Junior - 3.82
    Senior - 3.9(Unweighted with 2 APs)
    25ACT (32 Math)

    So, consider that with a (near) 4.0 first semester at Michigan State University and AFROTC. Would I stand any shot at getting in?
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    In general you would have a shot, with a lot of caveats. It depends on which courses you take freshman year. You should try to mimic the academy freshman year courses. You should also take the ACT again and try to bring up that composite score. Finally, you don't mention anything about your leadership or athletic experience which will also be key factors in getting accepted.

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