When should juniors contact their ALO? How do you contact them?

Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by sarahkatherine, Feb 20, 2012.

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    I was just recently introduced to this forum and have found a lot of new information while reading the various threads. A lot of people mentioned that they were interviewed after applying to summer seminar. I just submitted my application yesterday but if I don't hear from my ALO should I contact him? And what exactly do they expect you to say when you contact them? Just introduce yourself? One final question..Is your ALO the same as someone who is applying for the naval academy?
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    You should definitely contact your ALO. Try setting up an informational interview and you can mention being interviewed for the SS. The ALO is very similar to the Blue and Gold Officer, BGO for short (for the Naval Academy) but they are not the same person.
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    sarahkatherine, feel free to contact your ALO but don't panic if he/she isn't ready to sit down for a pre-summer seminar interview. They are still focused on the upcoming class of 2016 appointees, most have other jobs also, so they are busy people. My son applied and was accepted to summer seminar in 2010 and didn't get to talk to his ALO until August after he had been to summer seminar and the bulk of his AFA application was underway. He's now a doolie, getting ready for Recognition in March, so it all worked out!
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    An ALO will be assigned to you by the AFA.

    As AFAYahoo stated don't worry about this at all. They are busy with the 16 class.

    The fact is the AFA will supply them with your info when they consider you an applicant. Most if not at all are volunteer. They have their own careers, their family, and their 16 candidates, just like you and I they have 24 hours in a day, and only 7 days a week.

    Contacting them now to say hi IMPO, is nice, but don't expect them to place you as a priority because right now you have yet to get SLS from the AFA. Their investment in your future will start when the AFA agrees, otherwise they are taking time away from their life.

    I know a lot of ALO's and all of them give 110% to each and every candidate, but the key word is candidate. They sacrifice personal time to mentor these people.

    I guess because I know how many hours they give weekly, yr in yr out to AFA candidates, my opinion is jaded in this matter. I know you are excited, and want to start this path, but honestly what is your true motivation for contacting them?

    Any question you have right now can be answered here. Flieger and CC are ALO's. Posters here have walked the path before you.

    The only question they can't answer is your competition in your hometown, but coming from a parent that had a candidate who did not apply for SLS, and was ranked no.1 by his ALO, there will be applicants this summer that will be assigned and change the equation for competition. Thus, even contacting them now will gain nothing.

    If you have found this site, read through the "Chance Me" threads, you already know the WCS. You do not need an ALO to say you are weak on sports/ECs. You do not need them to tell you your SAT is low, or the rigor of your academic courses are not on par with others. You do not need them to tell you SLS will give an edge, but not an apptmt.

    Placing that all into account, now ask yourself why you have a need/desire to contact them?

    Your answers are all here. The one fact is this: ALO's work with applicants, and come end of June, the AFA will officially notify the ALO their applicants. They are not going to give you an edge because you contacted them. They care about the AFA getting the best applicant. It is not personal, it is professional. They can love you like their own child, but they won't rank you as number 1, even if they personally clash with another candidate, a candidate that has a stronger packet than you.

    Sorry, but to me this would be a waste of time if you expect a jump start for applying to the AFA 17
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