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    My daughter is starting her senior year in high school next month. She is interested in pursuing a Nursing career in the Navy (ROTC). I have several questions.

    - When is the earliest time that she can apply?
    - How long does the process take until she finds out if she has been accepted or denied?
    - Is it true that she can enlist first then study for her BSN later and still get paid as if she was on active duty while attending school?
    - If she goes the route of enlisting first, is she still subject to the competitive nature similar to applying an ROTC scholarship directly from high school? or will she be accepted right away on the basis that she is already a member of the military?

    Thank you!

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    Apply now. Application is open.
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    As mentioned above. Apply now. The earlier the better.
    Your daughter's NROTC application will be reviewed by a number of "scholarship boards" beginning in August 2010 and ending about March/April 2011. These boards meet about once every 6-8 weeks to review applicants and if she isn't approved by the current board her application will be reviewed again by each subsequent board until there are no more scholarships available. Depending on which (if any) board approves her scholarship she will find out about 2-3 weeks after the board makes a decision. She will still need to pass her DoDMERB physical after that award and she will need to be directly admitted into an NROTC approved Nursing Program at the college that she is designated (from her list of preferences). She should begin to apply to her colleges as soon as possible and NOT wait to find out from the Navy about a scholarship. Both tasks (applying to NROTC & College applications) are separate from each other and need to be accomplished ASAP. BSN programs tend to fill up quickly so don't wait to apply. Be sure to check the NROTC web site to ensure the BSN programs she is applying are approved by the Navy.
    Be VERY cautious with this approach. Please make sure you understand what is being promised and what EXACTLY will need to be accomplished BEFORE your daughter can begin her BSN program. If it were my daughter (and it was last year), I would not encourage her to pursue a career in nursing by using this method.
    See my previous reply. If your daughter is competitive for a NROTC Nursing Option scholarship NOW, then she should apply now. The Navy needs nurses and if she is close to being academically competitive, her chances are very good...IMHO. If she doesn't receive a NROTC scholarship she can always re-visit the enlisted option after May 2011.
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