When USNA is reviewing application, do they look at your medical?


Mar 25, 2017
I'm curious as to what goes in to the decision making process. I read somewhere on here that your application and medical are two completely different things. It said when USNA is deciding who to appoint, they don't even look at your medical info, it only matter if you've passed or not. I'm wondering is this true? If so, if you're waiting for a waiver but you're accepted what happens?(or if this is even possible)
I am in the same boat and was wondering if anyone knew the answer to this so bringing this thread back
My DD received an LOA long before she had a DODMERB evaluation. Once she did a medical waiver was required. So I would say in her experience they evaluated her qualifications without knowledge of medical. Once DQ'd the waiver was approved approximately 3 months latter. Hope that gives one example of some insight. Also you are not offered an appointment until medical is passed or a waiver is granted.
The Admissions Board does not consider Medical in determining the Admissions Board "Q". As noted above, many people are Admission "Qualified" before completing, or even starting Medical.