When Will I Be Notified?


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May 20, 2007
This may already be in another thread, but I looked real quick and couldn't find anything, so here goes:

After a final nomination interview this Saturday, my Air Force Academy file will be completely finished. I emailed my ALO and asked him when I might be notified of a yes or no, and he said that (and I'm paraphrasing here) if I get in, I'll be notified immediately, but if I don't, I won't find out until March. Could the collective wisdom of the forums help explain to me why this is? I'd really appreciate it.

(Yes, I posted this on CC as well)
A. Do you have a nom? As per your thread you don't know yet, but have had the interview. Making it to that level, is a proud feat.

B. Are you triple'd q ---Acad. CFA, DODMERB?

C. The board will be meeting through March and giving appts. until then...in other words you will have to sit and wait for the answer

A. I have a presidential nom at least, if that really counts.

B. Does USAFA do triple-Q'ing, i thought that was only USMA? In any case, I passed by CFA and I am DoDMBER Q'd and have good test scores and whatnot.

C. Thanks for the insight... "hurry up and wait" it is!

Don't be sorry, I appreciate every little bit.

Zach, if you are onine go to chat it is easier than posting
lol, so many people here are also CCers and will give the same answer. ;) PATIENCE.
Hornet, I figured there might be someone from each board with a unique perspective. I'm trying to be patient... oh well, you know how it goes I suppose.
I do not Pima. Combination of time and TKD burnout (so many active years!). Why do you ask?