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    Jan 13, 2014
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    Yesterday I took my CFA.
    I had:
    64' Ball throw,
    9.2 shuttle,
    7 pull ups,
    82 situps,
    72 pushups,
    6:30 mile.

    These scores were all near the 2013 averages, but I noticed they were below the expected 2014 values. Is scoring below the average in all but one category disqualifying?

    Finishing the CFA, I now have a completed application to USAFA.

    My GPA is 4.0 UW, My ACT is a 33 English, 34 Math, 35 Reading, 32 Science, 32 writing combined.

    ECs include Eagle Scout, Varsity tennis team, Class officer (4 years), Volunteer lifeguard, Soccer Referee, etc.

    Do you think I am likely to receive a letter of assurance, and how soon are those typically sent to candidates?

    If I don't receive a letter, I guess it means wait until January?
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    Peter. Scoring on the CFA is like being Pregnant.....

    You ARE...... or you're NOT...... There's no sort of, kind of, possibly. The academy looks at the WHOLE PERSON. Part of that is the WHOLE CFA. Granted; if you totally failed an event; meaning you couldn't even do 1 pullup, or you could only do 5 situps; then that would be a failure. But getting anywhere close to the average will play into the academy's concept of rating that score as part of your overall score.

    Guess what I'm saying is: If a CFA score is below the average, either on a particular event or ALL of them, then it depends on how the academy scores it based on the rest of your application. For some, the CFA scores may not be high enough. For others it may be quite fine.

    You yourself recognized that they were near the average. In order for something to be an average, there HAD to be some who scored BELOW those numbers and were accepted. So again, it's up to the academy.

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