When will you be notified that you are fully qualified (3Qd)?

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by mynameisnt, Sep 26, 2016.

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    Hello all,

    About 2 weeks ago I was deemed medically qualified for USMA. In addition, I have successfully passed my CFA. The only area that I am yet to receive confirmation in is academically. I'm assuming that I am fine (various leadership positions, 32 ACT, etc), and I wanted to know when, if at all, I will be notified that I am fully qualified in all areas. I've heard that it takes about a week until it pops up in your portal, however I just wanted some confirmation as to what I can expect. The waiting game is certainly in full swing, and I have to say that it definitely is not enjoyable. Thank you in advance for any insight!
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    This can be a great mystery. All we know is from past experience and trends. Some applicants receive a letter stating 3Q'd and others don't. In my opinion, the information you receive from your portal will be the most current and correct. I do know, WP is trying to change all candidate correspondence and communication to be on-line through their portals.

    Focus on your academics, keeping strong, stay healthy and keep out of trouble.

    Push Hard, Press Forward
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    It's a great mystery. I had my application fully complete since October and never got the qualified letter until mid March.

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