Where can I Improve and what are my odds?


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Sep 27, 2017
Hello all,
I am a senior in high school, and I thought I would leave my resume here to see where I stand and what my odds are. I am applying to both West Point and USNA, and have finished both applications.
-Ranked about 28 out of 280
- about a 96% gpa
-National Honors Society member
- Class President
-1330 SAT (680 Reading, 650 Math)
-Captain of Varsity hockey team, played varsity since I was a freshman, lettered
- Varsity Golf (lettered)
-Editor on the school newspaper
-Model UN member
CFA scores
-55 ft basketball throw
-11 pull ups
- 71 push ups
-72 sit ups
-9.1 shuttle run
- 6:31 mile
What are my odds of getting in to either school? does anyone have a similar resume to me?
You will be competitive for a spot at both schools. USMA and USNA are about the same in terms of applicant pools and numbers. Your resume right now isn't "walk on water" level though, so no one could say, "no problem". It will likely depend upon your district competition. Keep in mind there are a lot of candidates who have very good application resumes, like yours. Thus, you want to push your numbers, and continue to better your application, right up to the day you get an appointment. My kid was told he got his appointment to WP while providing his RC verification that he was All Conference and All District in one of his sports. You keep pushing. Test scores are most important factor, so keep that in mind.
What are my odds of getting in to either school? does anyone have a similar resume to me?
While your resume looks strong, just about all applicants have a similar resume. This is a competition. As brovol said, keep working on improving where you can. I'd at least try to improve the SAT scores. They're fair, but my son had those same scores and did not receive an NROTC scholarship. On the other hand, his resume wasn't as strong in other areas. Maybe give the ACT a try. Some folks do better on the ACT than the SAT. Good luck.