Where, exactly, do the requirements come from?


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Jun 8, 2006
How were the eyesight requirements for the Service Academies established? Which is to say, how did "20/XX correctible to 20/20 without more than YY astigmatism...", etc. become the standard?

I'd be very curious to see how they came up with the standards in relation to the needs of the Services, and how the waivers were developed and set where they were. If we can expand it beyond eyesight (the one item that affected me), then by all means, feel free.

Let's see if we can get a better handle on where these requirements come from, and WHY they are what they are.

Thanks! :smile:
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Great Question!!! Sooooo much so, the Director, DoDMERB has been trying to track that issue down for over a year....throughout the Navy Medical Team. I have sent your question to him and our Chief Optometrist, former Consultant to the AF SG. When I get their response, I will post. I've heard parts of the response, but want to be very accurate in my postings here. :confused: