Where is the DODMERB?


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Sep 12, 2006
I know that there is not a central location for the DODMERB, but I was wondering where the physicals are held?

I've heard they are usually held by civilian contractors and not necessarily at military installations (this is a relief to me). Is there any place that I can go to find out where the nearest DODMERB compatible office would be?

Thanks. I'm a NROTC applicant, by the way, not USNA.

Once you have been added to the DoDMERB system by the ROTC program you are applying for, DoDMERB uses your zip code to locate the nearest facility that will do the physical examination. It could be that it is at a contractor (civilian) facility, or it could be that a military treatment facility is closest to you. If it is determined that a civilian facility is closest to you, then you will be sent a card by the contractor to contact them to set up the appointment, if a military treatment facility is closest to you, then you will be sent a card from DoDMERB asking that you contact them to set up the appointment.

As far as I know there is no public list of contract facilities for you to get the examination. You can not get the examination until you have been entered into the DoDMERB system.

For NROTC, they will not add you into the DoDMERB system until the scholarship has been granted.
The DOD contracted Concorde inc. to handle its medical exams, they do have a central office in PA I believe.

1835 Market Street 12th Floor
Philadelphia PA 19103-2994
ChipAyten is correct that there is one central office that processes all the requests for physical examinations from DoDMERB, and schedules the physical examinations around the country, but they will not schedule an appointment without DoDMERB first approving it. DoDMERB will not approve it until the applicant is added into the DoDMERB system by either the service academy or ROTC program.
Thanks guys

Thanks for the help!

I guess I'll wait on them to contact me about setting up an appointment at a facility...