Which college is the best to attend?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Kensy, Feb 19, 2015.

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    I currently got accepted to some cal states and I live in California. I also got accepted to Embry Riddle at Prescott, Arizona. The major I chose within Embry Riddle is Cyber intelligence and Security. My question is, is the major worth it and well-paying after I receive this degree and I plan on enrolling in ROTC.
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    I think the better question is, is the major something you're interested in and are the college atmosphere in your favor? You're gonna be there for 4 years and studying that major for 4 years. In terms of being "worth it" I'm pretty sure a lot of majors are "worth it" and well-paying depending on what you decide to do with it.
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    You can get a lot out of any college you attend if you put 100% effort into the full experience. Be determined to have a positive attitude, go out of your way to find out what's expected of you, exceed that, make positive impressions on peers and superiors alike, and you WILL be successful.
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    Only you can answer the question about a major being "worth it" and "well-paying" as these are personal judgments.

    A 10 second Google search shows the average salary in 2013 was reported as $116,000 and even those with an Associate's degree making $91,000.

    If you participate in ROTC and become a military officer, your pay will be quite public and the pay tables can be found online. You can research this and see how military pay compares to civilian salaries.
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    I work with alot of information assurance and security professionals. Most of them actually do not have degrees. Alot of it comes down to certifications vice degrees for the hands on folks. This happens alot in the IT world for the very technical folks. But, it does make a difference if they have degrees to move up in management and leadership roles. But for folks who love the technical aspects, alot could care less about being managers and just want to write code. The higher the certifications, the higher the pay. Some of these certs as you progress are by invite only. "Cyber intelligence and Security" is a very broad term. I guess the question is what kind of courses are you taking in this major will really drive your future. Does this major teach you more theory and strategy or does it teach more the hands on coding, ports and protocols, geek stuff. Alot of that would drive your future roles as a civilian.

    The bottom line is the school that is best for you is the school that you are most comfortable at, majoring in something that interests you, and at an ROTC detachment that feels best. Are you really interested in computers? If you aren't, that could be 4 long years. Have you visited each of the schools you are interested in and their detachments? Is there a difference in size of the schools and detachments? For some, a larger school and detachment may be better for them and other students smaller is better. Also, from a cost perspective... you are currently not on scholarship, so from a financial perspective what is most comfortable for your family. In state vs. out of state private is probably a big difference. You don't want to start somewhere and realize after a year or two that its not affordable anymore.
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