Which is the best math school?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by bosoxnation33, Feb 15, 2014.

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    Jan 29, 2014
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    Boston University
    North Carolina State University

    If you know of a better math school with NROTC, share the wealth :)
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    Well, since I doubt anyone here has been to all four schools I suspect the only way you're going to be able to compare them is to do the research. I'd start with their curriculum which I'm sure is available online. You might also check College Confidential to see what you can find there. Also there are all kinds of "math". I'm sure you have something particular in mind, and the fact you didn't mention what that is makes it hard for anyone to answer that question for YOU.
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    Can't speak about BU.

    Vandy is the most selective in admissions and probably considered the toughest academically. Visited the unit and really liked it. Was an implicit understanding of the academic demands.

    However, huge schools like ASU and NC State want high achievers and they will sort out them out, almost creating a college with in a college. If you look at the academic catalogue you will find whole Math courses which may only be open to a few students.

    DS 1 attends a school with about 30k undergrads. He was very strong in math and enrolled in a math course 1st semester freshman year which only had 28 students and was open to freshman and sophomores. He got all he could handle and more.

    Best of luck
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    Just go where you're most comfortable and feel like you can succeed. The undergraduate math programs at all of those schools are so similar, that it'll be super hard for anyone to distinguish which is "better".
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    You want to find the school where YOU will get the maximum quality instruction.

    Things to consider...

    1) Who is teaching the class - in particular, the lower division classes. Are you getting a grad student whose command of the English language is suspect? Some schools do a better job of this than others.

    2) The "star" student generally gets better professor access. While you can get some amazing professors at the top schools, the competition for opportunities can be quite intense. Sometimes more attention from a professor at a lesser school (for undergraduate work at least) is better than less attention from a professor at a greater school.

    3) Do you have a particular interest in a specialized area of math, or have you explored the various specialties? This gets down to picking a school for a particular professor or two if you have an area that has your dedicated interest. Most high school students haven't had enough exposure to make that decision, but I had to ask.

    If you cannot answer these questions, I go with S&H's answer with a caveat of affordability. Go where you would even if Uncle Sam isn't paying the tuition, just in case that ends up being the case. Stuff happens.

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