Whole Candidate Score (WCS)

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    Found this interesting link. It shows how each Academy comes up with the WCS. Can't find a date on this document, so it may be outdated, but interesting nonetheless. Especially that for USNA, the ACT/SAT math score makes up 31% of the WCS! :eek:

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    Some of the data summaries would imply this was created around 2005-2006. I can't tell from that website who actually created the information or for what purpose. Since USNA has never publically published information about their WCS scoring methodology, not sure where the author would have gotten this data, if it is valid or contains conjecture/assumptions on their part based on the data they analyzed.

    Much of what is summarized seems valid, but remember that things might have changed in the past 10 or so years and without knowing the context of this document, would be careful of jumping to too many conclusions.

    The website references seem to point to Wake Forest NC (either the college or perhaps a h.s.)
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    I had a son who was the STEM commander one year, which falls under the Office of Admissions. The officer in charge (who will remain nameless - as will my son), for fun, allowed him to log into the academy's admissions database and see the information they had on him (or anybody else) for the admissions process. I happen to know that there are many more parameters that come into play than the simplistic display indicated here.

    For instance, I don't see anything about a rating assigned to the Personal Statement. You get a boost if your parent is an alum. You get a boost if you have a twin who is also applying - you are placed in the ITP (Identified Twin Pool). It's actually far more complex than people imagine. Yet, regardless of what "number" their formula puts out, the candidates are ultimately selected on a subjective basis with the WCS only serving as a guide.
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    Memphis is exactly right. The whole person multiple is an ENTERING ARGUMENT for the Admissions Board. Ultimately, it doesn't matter what the WPM if the Admissions Board either finds the candidate scholastically qualified or not.

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