Why is that Naval Academy Blue & Gold Officer calling and emailing me?


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Jun 12, 2008
NROTC candidates my not know this...

The class of 2013 Candidate Cycle marks the first time that NROTC and USNA will be sharing Preliminary Applications. All students who apply for an NROTC scholarship will automatically be entered into the USNA candidate system. Those students who are designated as official candidates will receive an application packet and will be assigned a Blue and Gold Officer (BGO). The process is the reverse for USNA applicants.

A BGO is a volunteer who assists and counsels interested students regarding nomination and admissions procedures for USNA. They also interview USNA candidates.

So if a BGO is trying to make contact and you have no interest in applying to USNA...now you know why they are trying to make contact. They would like to ensure they understand the opportunities available at USNA and will encourage you to at least complete the USNA application.

Oh, and unfortunately, at this point they have no way of knowing if you are a USNA or NROTC candidate in their online system. This may add to the somewhat clueless tone in their email or voice mail.