Why so few TWEs reported?


Mom to USNA Hopeful
May 3, 2022
Oh boy. Re 7th semester grades... my son asked admissions back when guidance was sending them all out if they needed them too, and they said no. He did fantastic in physics and calculus etc too and probably would have been thrilled to send them! But they said didn't want them. Sooo it was fun for me wondering what that meant. "No thanks we can already plainly tell you are amazing" vs "No thanks there's nothing can help you now". 😂 Ahhh waiting...

My son asked as well. He actually asked his guidance counselor to send them and she couldn't figure out how since they had provided a link to upload the first time. So she called USNA on her own, and was told no thanks, we don't need them. My son is taking 5 AP classes this year and was kind of hoping they'd at least LOOK. 😂 Oh well. Hopefully it was a "thanks we already think you're awesome" instead of the alternative.