Why the banner ads now?


I read reference to banner ads on a post today. I’m now intrigued how this works. Attached (hopefully) is a screen shot of my “discussions” feed on the iPhone app I use (this is not on the desktop SAF). Is this in everyone’s feed? Is it triggered by me?

Anyone else??IMG_8624.JPG

Capt MJ

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Yes, I have been seeing these. USAA was a sponsor for many years, not sure if they are only part-year or not at all any more. It’s not free to run SAF, and we pay nothing to post and read past threads. I just ignore the clickbait, figured it was a fact of life to generate some revenue to support operational costs of the website. I have always assumed all mods are volunteers.


I don't mind them at all, just haven't noticed them before the change in the site. I was curious after reading reference earlier today. I also dont see them on the desktop...only the phone app.


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I get them on my desktop and iPhone. I have gotten them for some time, long before the recent change. All good.