Will applying to one service academy hurt my chances?

Discussion in 'Nominations' started by Academycandidate, Jul 24, 2013.

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    Hello everybody.

    I am currently applying to the USNA and USMA, after dropping my applications for the USAFA and USMMA. I did this after realizing that I really had no desire to go to either of them, and would rather focus on my real interests.

    Now I am considering dropping USMA as well, for the same reason. I am extremely determined to attend USNA, having been there multiple times and having thoroughly researched it. However...

    Will this hurt my chances for a nomination? Will staffers see my application to one academy as narrow-minded?

    Furthermore, when I contacted my BGO, I notified her that I was applying to all the academies. Will this change lessen her opinion of me? I am afraid of appearing shallow for only applying to one academy.

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    Don't worry about it.
    1. You have an explanation for when people ask the question in interviews. You're dead set on USNA and not interested in the others. The key is to have an answer with a why. You've got yours.
    2. Some MOCs will only nominate you for a single academy anyway.
    There is nothing wrong with having your sight set on a particular service and since I'm partial to Navy your good with me! :thumb:
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    Shouldn't matter. However, remember the end game is military service not simply where you went to college. I wouldn't rule out the other academies JUST because you liked what you saw when you visited.

    You will also need to explain what your Plan B is, so be sure you have one.
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    Our DS received all 3 MOC noms and he only asked for AFA.

    I do agree, before you rule out the others, make sure career choice is the biggest factor. The fact is you will spend more time AD than as a cadet/mid. You get to select where you go to for college, you don't necessarily get to choose where or what you will do when you go AD.

    Be prepared to be asked if they give you an interview why not AFA or USMMA or any other SA.

    DS had an easy answer, he wanted to fly fixed wing aircraft. Told his Dad's old joke...after a combat mission he preferred the fact that the runway was where he left it hrs ago, so the Navy was out. Wanted fixed so the Army was out of the equation.

    The answer must have satisfied because as I stated, he got all 3 MOC noms.

    As for the BGO, I don't know why this would lessen their opinion of you, if anything it would increase it because it appears you are being thorough in your change of mind due to investigating/comparing the SAs. You are not throwing out a list with the hope that you will get a nom to any SA, your list is for the one SA that they represent. Usually it is the one that places all 3 in varying different order for each MOC that can be seen in a lesser light unless the candidate can explain why on MOC A it is USNA, USMA, USMMA; MOC B it is USMA, USMMA, USNA; MOC C it is USMMA, USNA, USMA.
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    Some MOC's, depending on the size of the state/district and how many individuals are seeking nominations, won't think twice about you only applying to one academy and not the others. Some, like Wyoming and other sparcely populated states, encourage individuals to apply to all the academies because a nomination is pretty much guaranteed. Matter of fact, it's almost guaranteed to get 2-3 nominations to EACH academy you apply for. And because so few individuals apply to certain academies because of their experiences; e.g. less people apply to the Naval Academy from the Rocky/Mid States compared to applying to air force and army; so some MOC's encourage applying to all.

    But most MOC's don't care either way. It doesn't affect their nominations. The 4 academies that require nominations are all independent from each other. An individual getting a nomination and accepted to one academy, had no affect on the MOC nominating someone different or the same person for a different academy.

    I guess there are some MOC's that see it as them nominating 30-40 individuals for an academy instead of the same 10 people for multiple academies. But what is most important is what YOU WANT!!! Some applicants say all they want is; "To Serve". They say they don't care what academy and branch of the military they serve in. Others are more specific and only apply to one. My son only wanted air force. Navy, Army, Coast Guard, and Merchants were'nt even an option. He never even considered applying to them. His attitude was: If he didn't receive an appointment to air force, he would try for ROTC. If he didn't get accepted to ROTC, he would go to a civilian school with one of his other scholarships and either continue trying for ROTC or get his degree and try for OTS after graduating.

    The academy is only 4 years. A military career could be another 20+ years. You have to like what you're doing. My career was similar to my son's. I have nothing against any of the other branches, but it was air force or nothing. That also included the guard and reserve. I didn't want to be in a part time military. It was full time active duty air force or NOTHING. So, if all you really want is Navy, then that's what you should apply to. Don't apply to the others unless you want them. Like I said; some want to serve in any branch, so they apply to all of them. Some people have their priority as the free/subsidized education. They apply to all of them. Some specifically know what they want. They don't apply to all of them. Only the one they truly want. Make your own choice.
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    Some great advice here as usual. One thought I might add based on my DS's experience...

    A large portion of the MOC interviews seemed to revolve around the issue of a true desire to serve as an officer in the chosen branch. Fortunately, he was able to "take that issue off the table" with his particular ECs and by showing all of his Plan B & C choices included a path to commissioning.

    So focusing on one SA because you feel it's the right fit for you (during and AFTER college) is just fine. But if your true focus is on becoming an officer, then maybe think about how else you will demonstrate that with your deeds and plans.

    Good luck and thanks for your desire to serve.