will I be disqualified? - previous asthma diagnosis


Jun 10, 2021
When I was two or three I was diagnosed with asthma by my pediatrician based on family history and a pulse oximetry test. However, I've never had any wheezing or trouble breathing in my life, have never been hospitalized or treated for asthma complications, and cannot remember a time ever using a nebulizer or inhaler. The reason I ask is that I believe the asthma diagnosis has been upheld on my medical history every year since, and I am prescribed an inhaler even though I have never had it filled. Under the DODMERB rules, will I be disqualified? I recognize that the waiver process is a possibility, but it would be ideal to avoid that if possible. Would appreciate thoughts on how I should fill out the DODMERB forms with regards to this.
Did a medical professional diagnose you with asthma? If the answer is "yes," then putting "no" on your DoDMERB would be an incorrect statement. Have your medical records ready, especially anything showing you have never had symptoms and that the diagnosis was made based on family history and the pulse oximetry test. If you've still got a few years left before applying, get that prescription cancelled and diagnosis removed ASAP, assuming it's actually not needed for your safety.

You'll most likely be DQ'd and require a waiver and possibly a methacholine challenge, but I'd say in my completely non-professional opinion if you pass the challenge your odds of a waiver aren't impossible.

Also, Larry Mullen hangs around the forum and is pretty willing to help with unusual cases like this. Consider reaching out to him.

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