Will I get accepted?

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    I am applying to VMI, and have a 18 (superscore) on my ACT, a 4.21 GPA, am involved heavily in CAP, baseball, and leadership club at my school. Also, I am African American.

    I am going into my senior year.

    What are my chances?
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    Oct 15, 2017
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    An 18 on the ACT is below the national average of 21.
    The entering class has an ACT average of 23 to 27 and a SAT average between 1040 and 1230.
    Hopefully you can take the SAT between now and when they consider your application? Many students do better on one test over the other.

    No one here can give you the odds, however. Good luck!
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    Tptb518 -- Good GPA but IMO you need to bring your ACT score way up be be 1 of the 500 in the entering class next year. You should also take the SAT. Some kids do better on one test or the other. Attached is a copy of the Class Profile for VMI Class of 2021 that entered in Aug 2017. The average ACT composite score for those that entered with that class was 26. Average SAT was almost 1200. You can see in the profile the extracurricular participation. Almost the entire entering class (447) played athletics for at least 2 years, and almost half the entering class (237) was a team captain.

    Best wishes to you . . work on that ACT/SAT

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    I would take an SAT or ACT prep course on understanding how they structure the questions... this can increase your score a lot. It did for my son.

    Other than that you are probably set, especially if you may play baseball for the school.

    Thankfully, neither your race, nor anyone else's matters at VMI... it is truly a merit-only based school. That is one of great things about it. When you graduate, you know you earned it... no one gave anyone anything extra, or kept it from anyone, because of the color of their skin. Good luck!