will incur an active duty and/or reimbursement obligation after the first day of my M

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    My Freshman student was offered a 3-1/2 AROTC scholarship this week (one month before Freshman year ends), and AROTC is awaiting student to sign contract ASAP. He already was a AD 3 year winner.

    Over the past freshman year of college he has really been enjoying his college classes for his science major and now has some small doubts about a military commitment. So far he still is interested, but really wanted to take the summer to research his choices in his science field and think about his military path.

    So my REAL question is....

    If he signs the contract now, and over the summer he DOES make the decision to just pursue his college major and decides not to pursue a military career, when exactly does the MS-II year begin?

    Is he an MS-II, as soon as his MS-I grades post in MAY, or the first day of classes in August?

    I know in high school you are a sophomore as soon as the freshman day of school ends.

    Is there a definition for "first day of my MS II year"

    Thank you
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    I did a quick search and can't find my copy of the contract but I have repeatedly read that the obligation starts with the first class day of the Sophomore year.
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    If he attends ms II class next fall he incurs an obligation. He can take the whole summer to make up his mind
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    If he is not ready to commit, he could continue in AROTC for the MS2 year without the scholarship, stipend and reimbursement. He would not be obligated until the Advanced Course, which begins with the MS3 year. (This assumes that the battalion would offer him the opportunity to contract at that point.)

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