Will they ask me "Why I want to attend.." If I wrote an essay about it?

Discussion in 'Nominations' started by Phildog, Sep 14, 2013.

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    I was just wondering if I will be asked why I want to attend the usafa if the required essay prompt was asking that exactly. Also, what other common questions should I be asked for?
    On another note, I was wondering how each MOC nomination board runs their selection. Do they read the essays directly before the interview for EACH candidate? Or do they read EVERYONE'S first and interview second.
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    They may or may not ask you that. They may ask you about anything in the world including what's your favorite color and what vegetables do you like. Each MOC runs their selection any way they please. I imagine they are all read first but they might review it shortly before the interview. But, as I say, they can do it anyway they want, including not read the essay at all.
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    At least in my MOC's interviews, and my Senator's interviews...

    The answer is YES!

    USAFA '83
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    As stated, each MOC can do as he/she pleases.

    *Some do interviews, some don't.
    *Some focus on academics excuslively, some want more all-around nominee
    *Some select "Principal" nominees, some let the SA choose from their list

    But to your specific question, I can tell you that in my DS's (and soon DD's) case, our two Senators are HIGHLY interested in the whole "true desire to serve" issue. It's not that they don't want the best qualified candidate, but they want a highly qualified candidate that also has a genuine desire to be an officer, not just go to school. So not only were the essays centered around why you want to attend, but so were the panel interviews and even the personal interviews. (Yes, our Senator met the finalists again personally before giving his Principal nomination.)

    So... All you can do is try to be your best in all areas. Be strong academically but also know that "whole candidate" means just that. Good luck and congratulations for your accomplishments thus far.
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    Generally, they will read your essays before you show up. However, they may not -- or may have read them several nights before and no longer remember them.

    Thus, YOU should read yours the day of your interview. If asked the same/similar question verbally, you don't need to regurgitate your answer. However, whatever you say should be consistent with whatever you wrote.

    Be careful of saying, "I want to fly" or such things as you may not get your first service selection from ANY SA. Thus, it's fine to have a desire but be amenable to serving in other areas, depending on the service you select.

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