wisdom teeth and USNA

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    Mar 29, 2008
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    I'm sure this has been discussed before, and so I apologize in advance.

    Son got his appointment to USNA. With appointment package came request for criminal background checks, birth certificate, and panorex.

    Today, the dentist who did the panorex said he'll probably need to get his wisdom teeth out--and he thinks it should be before son reports for I-Day, figuring the Navy wants his teeth fixed first.

    They're not impacted, but they're not perfect either. Two are IN, two are not broken through yet. Dentist gave him a card, referring him to a local oral surgeon to look at the wisdom teeth.

    What now? Send panorex with a note that he will be getting his wisdom teeth out and then send a panorex after those are out?

    Should son clear this with someone before he follows through?

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    Feb 21, 2008
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    Doesn't the letter from USNA say that they prefer to have the xray after dental work is done? My son sent his acceptance and birth certificate in right away. Birth certificate came back quickly.
    When the police check was done, that was sent.
    His wisdom teeth pulled a couple of weeks ago. Much better to heal at home. The oral surgeon did an xray after teeth were out. We sent before and after xray to USNA.
    You don't have send everything back at the same time. Get it to them ASAP.
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    I have to agree with usna2012mom. Send what you can now, and get the rest in as soon as possible.

    If possible get before and after panorex, if not possible send the before with a statement after the wisdom teeth have been extracted.

    Getting them out now would be the best for everyone involved. Especially you, you get one last chance to be a mom and pamper the little one!!