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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by prj888, Jan 11, 2016.

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    Hello, I am currently a candidate for multiple service academies and ROTC. I have completed my DoDMERB exam and have been deemed qualified; however, I now need to have my wisdom teeth removed. Is this going to disqualify me? Is there something particular I need to do? Do I need to notify the SA or DoDMERB?

    Thank you do your help.
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    We had DS wisdom teeth removed Christmas Break before he went to USNA. We wanted it done before he went to the academy so he had someone watching over him during his recovery. All he had to afterwards was provide a statement from the oral surgeon for DODMERB--was a non issue. Get it done BEFORE you go!!
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    Back in the day you could not graduate from a SA with your wisdom teeth in your mouth. I am certain that is still true. (Rational - they don't want you to miss an active duty day because of it)

    As a general rule, it is much nicer to go through the process while still living at home. But if you show up with them on I Day, they will be removed before graduation

    Do you want your mom to look after you or your compassionate roommate?
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    My DS is now an O2 pilot (AFROTC grad). He still has all of his wisdom teeth and the AF sees no need to remove them. Just putting it out there that it is not a must if the teeth are not impacted.

    Back on topic. It is not an issue at all for DoDMERB. Get them done now because the recovery time will be quicker if they are impacted. The longer left in, the worse it will be to removed.
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    elected to have them pulled Monday before Christmas. Recovered enough for Christmas dinner. The teeth were small and in a good position so healing was remarkably swift. He was happy to have one less thing to worry about.

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