Wisdom Teeth!!

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Jan 7, 2008
I have a quick question... I have done the whole dodmerb thing and have recieved appointments to the Naval and Air Force Academy. I just found out that in March or April I will have to get two wisdom teeth pulled. Do I need to report this to Dodmerb??? and if so would having the extraction surgery disqualifiy me???? :frown:
Son had all four removed the December 20th. I called DodMERB just prior to the extraction and the person I spoke with said to have the doctor write a letter saying what teeth were removed and what...if any...complications. She also said that as long as there were no complications that there wouldn't be a problem. Doctor was out of town right after the appointment for the holidays so I called DoDMERB last week (since the doc was now back in town) just to make sure I was going to request the right information from the doctor and the person I got this time said that as long as there were no complications they didn't need to know anything.
So....there ya go!
tndad (MOM)
As I stated in the post that was linked by WAMom68, send the information anyway. Surprises on R/I-day are never fun.