Wishing everyone..


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Mar 11, 2007
Who's enrolled in ROTC, scholarshipped or whatever a happy last month of freedom before our lives become the property of the US Government. Enjoy it ladies and gents, but get ready for the real fun...Running around campus at 0500, going to your 0800 class in PT gear, not being able to go out at night because you have leadership lab in the morning and you have to get your uniform ready...Oh yeah, it's gunna be a blast.

Here's to those of us who want more for ourselves....The few, the proud, the corp of cadets!

Also, best of luck to all the academy cadets who have already begun their journey! Someone on here (I think it was Boss51) said something very smart that applies to all of us:

"They can beat only beat on us for so long, and they can't stop time"
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