Women on the Water Conference

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    On November 1-3, 2012, the Maritime Administration and the State University of New York Maritime College will host the sixth annual Women on the Water (WOW) Conference in Bronx, New York.

    This annual conference will bring together cadets from the Federal and State Merchant Marine Academies and Colleges with professional mariners who are leaders in different sectors of the maritime industry. The event will be an excellent opportunity for cadets to learn about the exciting careers that are open to them directly from successful women as well as to hear about current issues affecting the maritime industry. This opportunity is also ideal for cadets and professionals alike to meet and network with others in the maritime industry.

    WOW Conference Goals:

    Promote diversity in the maritime industry
    Provide exposure to the history and the current climate women face today working in the maritime industry
    Provide opportunities for cadets to interact and network with cadets from other academies and current female leaders in the maritime industry
    Provide exposure to maritime organizations for women
    Provide exposure to the career opportunities available in the maritime industry
    Provide an introduction/exposure to MARAD and its female leadership
    Provide an update on current issues impacting the maritime industry and its workforce, especially those that impact the lives of women

    If you would like to be added to the mailing list for the 2012 Women on the Water Conference, or if you have questions regarding the conference, please send an e-mail to wow2012@sunymaritime.edu.

    Who should attend:

    Maritime Academy Cadets
    Maritime Associations
    Ship Operators
    Ship Owners
    Ship Managers
    Seafarer & Trade Union Representatives
    Maritime Lawyers
    Maritime Insurers
    Maritime Financial specialists
    Maritime Academy Representatives
    Maritime Industry Representatives
    The conference fee, meals, and lodging will be waived for all current Maritime Academy cadets.

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