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Sep 30, 2007
My son received an LOA from USMA in November. In December he interviewed with our congressman (he only requested a nomination from one congressman). We have not seen the nomination on the website yet, and were assured by the congressman early this week that the nomination would be sent by Thursday. I do not want to keep bothering their office, but I am not sleeping well because of this! What happens if the nomination doesn't get there in time? Or ever?

Secondly, is there any way to find out how many cadets at West Point are from our district? The congressman told us it wasn't a problem, that most of the requests he got were for USNA. However, my son hasn't even applied to another school, he has his heart set on West Point and West Point only. What if the isn't even a slot to fill?
If your son has an LOA - then he "filled a slot". It is reserved and waiting for him. The peg is in the hole - the peg just has to be hammered in and the hole labeled.
If the nomination doesn't show up on the candidate web site by the first week in Feb - it certainly would be prudent for him to give his admissions officer a phone call. That should put his mind at ease.

Don't worry about it not getting there "in time" - the academy will see to it.
Some congressmen are willing to give out information on numbers and some are not. Ours falls into the latter category.
I know it is hard to do but take a deep breath and relax! :wink:
It may take a few days for USMA to update the online file with his nomination. I am sure they are very busy in January with nomination info coming in from all over the country. If you don't see it online by next Friday then I would have your son (not you) check with admissions at USMA.

If your congressman says that he has a slot available at USMA then believe him. They are allowed to have 5 at the academy at one time and I'm sure he knows how many he has there.

If your son has an LOA he is good shape. An LOA means they really want him there. If for some reason he did not get a nomination from your congressman or senators the academy would try to find another way to get him in. The VP of the US also can nominate. Did he apply for that one too? Here is a good reference for info on nominations and admissions: http://www.west-point.org/academy/malo-wa/educators/noms.html

Even with an LOA a backup plan is always a good idea. What if he is accepted but is injured before R-day? He should apply to another college just in case.
WOOHOO!! I just checked the website, and it is there now. (doing a happy dance:shake: )

Thank you all so much for your prompt responses. I was very comforted to know there are so many knowledgeable people on this forum!
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WAMom makes an excellent point, though. Every year a future cadet ends up being injured and unable to participate in Beast. USMA will likely reserve a spot for him in the following year's class, but in the meantime, you want to be aware of available options. IF it happened, you wouldn't want to be spending time basically being shocked. You'll be able to act right away.
USMAClassof2012Candidate, many, many congratulations to you and your son!!!! Class of 2012 here he comes...


:yay: Great news!! Now you just have to wait for the appointment to arrive. It seems there is always more waiting to do.