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    My DS has applied and like everyone else we are waiting to hear back. He was not focusing on being recruited by the wrestling coach, although he did make contact. He had several other things on his application that he focused on. He would like to wrestle at the academy if accepted. I am just wondering if being recruited for wrestling is your only option to get on the wrestling team? My son placed 2nd at area wrestling, 4th at sectionals and made it to state. Unfortunately he did not place at state. The wrestling program at his school is only in it's second year so he has only been doing this for two years and still made it to state. He was interested know if he could still participate or be allowed a tryout if he was not recruited for that particular sport. Any information would be much appreciated.
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    As far as i know he will have opportunity to wrestle. My friends at the academy who were not recruited athletes played rugby in CGA
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    If he is accepted and chooses to attend, be sure to have him contact the wrestling coach again. Most sports at USCGA have a friendly meet and greet for incoming swabs on the day before R-day. Even if he can't attend this, there are multiple opportunities during swab summer know as "coaches time" to just hang out with other prospective wrestlers. Just me sure he gets in the loop sometime. Sometimes people forget that with all of the varsity and club sports available at USCGA, the number of varsity roster spots among all of the sports is very generous given that there are only about 600 or so men and 300 or so women enrolled.

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