Writing Style for Essays - Military or Not?

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    My DD got advice from an AC about writing the essay using the Army/Military style of writing. The comments were "Some of the best essays I have read often use styles similar to the U.S. Army’s writing style. Google “Army Pamphlet 600-67: Effective Writing for Army Leaders.” We've also heard that SAs/CGA are looking for "your style and personality" in the writing.

    Leaning toward the latter as the initial advice seemed to be more the exception that the norm in conversations during the USCGA interviews, ROTC interviews and other SA middies and cadets.

    Input appreciated!
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    Make sure your grammar is on point, but write from the heart. Tell them how you feel, not what you think they want to hear. DS wrote what was important to him, and what service meant to him. He received his Appointment to CGA on Veterans day and sent in his acceptance paperwork for the Class of 2020. Best of luck.
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