WWl and Photography


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Sep 12, 2006
Hey! I was wondering does any one know of any good web sites where I can find info about WWl Photography... I have to do a timeline one an event and Photography.

I know I wish it was WWll it would be a lot easier but I have to do WWl and i'm also doing LIFE mag. It's for AP Photography!
Ooooo! Life magazine! So where are you going with that project? Ever hear of Alfread Eisenstaedt?
This guy was great pals of John Shaw Billings, a famous editor of Life. He spent a great deal of time here in the south especially on Billing's plantation here. Did some great work while here. Of course the guy did great work everywhere. You'll recognize his VJDay photo straight away.

More on John Billings:

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HAHA! That's the picture I'm using. You read my mind! Just LIFE Mag History and a little about WWI Photography. we have to do 2 dates and events that have to do with photography.

Thanks for the Links!
Well this won't be a help but here's an interesting story. My grandfather was an arial photographer for the Germans in WWI. I have a large book that has picture after picture of every city that his unit was in during the war. It's a great chronical and it is filled with names and stories -- all in German! He won a few medals two: I think because his plane landed on some ammo dump but anyway...... Fascinating pictures of the time.
Wow! What a fabulous peice of history to have in your family AFDad. Lucky you! Have you ever thought of putting it on display at your local library or museum? I'm sure people would love to see it. You'd probably also like the movie "Fly Boys" about the first fighter pilots of WWI. A little hollywood but a fun watch. Crazy how they just threw them in planes & said, "K, go up there". We've come a looong way baby.
Hmm, never thought about the library angle. I thought it might make an interesting piece on loan to the Imperial war museum in London -- that, by the way, is one of the best museums of its kind I have ever seen. You can walk through a WWI re-created trench. It even smells realistic! And, incidentally, there are great WWI pictures. They might be a great source for the photagraphy project: http://www.iwm.org.uk/

If you look in the collections section you'll see a link to "on line collections" with tons of photographs.
Nice. I scanned through IWM. Very cool stuff. Love the Somme & Churchill items. I could spend another hour in there looking around if I didn't have to run for now... Thanks for that link. I'll get back to it. I want to read more about the Ghosts of Jutland. Very interesting. That museum must be awesome!

Just an aside: Yes, I was reading Army news the other day. :smile: Heres an interesting tidbit. I believe there are two WWI guys still living? This guy was the last "combat" soldier. Very interesting that he said that where there were soldiers, there were children & they gave them what they could. Think of the photos & stories of today's times in that context. Sad, really.